Jack Donaghy Wants to Be Your Next Mayor of New York

Rep. Anthony Weiner may be worried about keeping his current job at the moment, but he’s also got to worry about his next one. Weiner has long wanted to be mayor of New York. And now, the Daily’s reporting that he may have a high-profile rival. Alec Baldwin, who has also long said he wants to run for some sort of political office (he also says 30 Rock is ending, that he’s not doing Rock of Ages, etc.), may be considering getting into the race.

All the reporting’s at the “friend of the actor” level. But this wouldn’t be an insane way for Baldwin to float the prospect of getting into the race, a story in a medium targeted at the kind of elite readers who would be important supporters. And the prospect of Baldwin as a candidate isn’t insane either. The worst scandal in his life is his divorce from Kim Basinger and their ensuing extremely nasty custody dispute. Baldwin himself has kept the issue alive by publishing a book about that fight, but having a tough divorce isn’t the same thing as ending up shirtless on the cover of the Post. Basinger’s lawyer once said Baldwin had been accused of domestic violence, which is a pretty nasty charge to sling without factual basis, and would certainly impact Baldwin’s political chances if it came up again. And Baldwin faces the same obstacle Al Franken did in his campaign for Senate, which is that he’s got a long record of saying things he probably didn’t mean, but that he’ll have to constantly reassert were jokes, including his Clinton impeachment-era statement that “we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country.”

But I think both of those things are surmountable. And 30 Rock‘s certainly prepared Baldwin for some of the more important roles of a lawmaker, including wearing tuxedoes:

dealing with hostile lawmakers:

and maintaining your dignity when under attack by experimental weaponry at a Pentagon briefing: