Culture Crush of the Week: Dan Harmon

Because even though The Sarah Silverman Program isn’t really my thing, it’s important, and he helped get it off the ground.

Because he sat down with the AV Club and gave a four-hour long interview that’s kind of about the second season of his television show, but really is about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Because he’s interested in “bootstrapping versus blue-blooding and the issues that occur between self-made men and men that are born. There are good guys and bad guys in both lineages.” And says things like “I have class issues. I hate rich people so badly that I wanna become one really bad.”

Because people with big ideas about myth who choose to work in popular forms are kind of my heroes.

Because he can talk honestly about how frustrated he was when NBC told him to get more women in his writers’ room—and then acknowledge that it turned out to be fantastic and changed the way he thinks about comedy (even if I think he’s really wrong on race in the same paragraphs).

Because when fandom is the new Shriners, he’ll be hailed as a visionary, and people will understand that Community is the new Bowling Alone.