Hulu Gives Us More British Television, Anglophile Nerds Rejoice

It strikes me as incredibly smart that Hulu’s moving to pick up British series and distribute them. There’s an obvious and obsessive market for British content in America that’s only partially fulfilled by BBC America, which because it’s only one channel can’t air everything coming out of all the BBC’s stations, and Netflix. Prime Suspect, for example, isn’t streaming live on Netflix, and with the remake coming up on NBC this fall, I imagine there’s demand, and will be increasing demand, for streaming access to the original. If Hulu could strike a bunch of these deals, and of course the rights would be complicated or Netflix would be all set already, I imagine it would attract a new class of subscribers that maybe isn’t buying Hulu plus for the sitcoms, and work to expand a market that very much exists but is a bit under-served by current options.