David Cronenberg’s Next Movie And the Crazy Ladies Trend

Fans of the history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Vincent Cassel, moustaches, and the prospect of Keira Knightley gone wild, this one’s for you (trailer SFW if your work can accomodate spanking and Vincent Cassel getting handsy with a laundress):

All of that said, I do hope Knightley’s character is an actual person instead of the Hysterical Russian Broad Who Gets Between A Couple of Historical Bros. Between this and Sucker Punch, we’re one movie shy of a Crazy Ladies trend. I thought Sucker Punch was a hot mess, but it also had more ideas going for it than most critics acknowledged, including an acknowledgement of how insanely flawed our mental health system was so recently; an accurate depiction of the cavalierness with which people performed lobotomies; and an emphasis on female friendship and self-sacrifice that was depicted in a flawed way but still a welcome departure from the incentive structure of most action movies. My sense is that I’ll feel a similar ambivalence about A Dangerous Method, just directed differently. Sucker Punch tried to get inside women’s heads, even if it failed. In A Dangerous Method, Jung and Freud may care more about the welfare of the young woman in question, but the risk is that the only thing anyone will try to get inside is her body.