Natalie Dormer Joins ‘Game of Thrones’ in Genius Casting Move

The Tudors is not actually a good television show: any program that makes watching John Rhys Meyers having sex look boring and wastes the many opportunities presented by casting James Frain as Thomas Cromwell is Doing It Wrong. That said, as the manipulative and manipulated Anne Boelyn, a woman who was assigned to seduce a king for her family’s glory and ended up loving him much to her sorrow, Natalie Dormer was very good. And casting her as Margaery Tyrell, a pawn become a Queen in Game of Thrones is an excellent use of her talents, that I hope signals an intent to flesh out that character as she hasn’t yet been developed out in the books. The folks behind Game of Thrones have had serious casting mojo with unknowns, and now that they’re signing up more known actors, it looks like they’ve still got a shrewd eye for talent.