Maybe Next Year On ‘The Voice’

Spoilers from last night’s finale.

I’d hoped we were going to see an out gay contestant win the first season of The Voice, a victory that for me would have clinched the show’s total superiority over American Idol as a more positive, more truly meritocratic show. I remain unconvinced by Javier Colon, so I’m doubly disappointed. But the fact that half of the final four were comfortably out lesbians, and that the show gave big platforms to three gay singers, all of whom will probably end up with record contracts, is without question a victory. If the threat of The Voice as a competitor for ratings and music sales makes Idol and Idol contestants reconsider the idea that being publicly out is a barrier to really competing or to iTunes sales, that’ll be a good thing too.

And I expect big things of Dia Frampton, too, especially if she keeps writing songs like this: