The Amazing-Looking Cuban Zombie Movie That Suggests Life After Castro

I can never be grateful enough to my dear friend (and soon to be justifiably famous novelist) Max Gladstone for pointing me to the existence of Juan de los Muertos. Yeah, the title and concept of a regular schmo who fends off a zombie invasion are straight steals from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s brilliant satire Shaun of the Dead. But don’t mistake this for a mere ripoff.

Instead, what is apparently the first horror movie authorized by Cuba’s film regulators is based on the idea that the Cuban government mistakes a zombie invasion for a Bay of Pigs-like invasion by Cuban-American dissidents, and while the island collapses into chaos, ordinary Cubans — ones who have lived through the Mariel boatlift and see Cuba as paradise despite the ups and downs in the business — set themselves up in the zombie-eradication business with the jaunty tagline: “Juan of the Dead — we kill your beloved ones.”

You want proof that Cuba might change pretty quickly after Castro? This looks like it.