The Wishful Thinking of Millionaires

I’m a longtime Red Sox fan, but this statement by David Oritz and calls for players to boycott the All-Star Game over Arizona’s immigration policies absolutely demands to be singled out. It’s a glorious illustration of the fretful wishes of millionaires who, because they’re unaffected by laws, can fall back to hoping that things that make them feel uncomfortable will vanish without them being required to exert any effort or go to any inconvenience about it. He told the Boston Herald:

Baseball is not related at all to politics…I ain’t Jackie Robinson. Sometimes, but remember that was something massive — not only one guy can go out there and act like he knows everything. That’s something where you work as a group. MLB always comes out with the right idea and I’m pretty sure that if there’s something MLB can help out with, they will…There’s nothing baseball can do about it right now, you know what I’m saying? Everyone’s focused on going to Arizona. It’s not baseball’s fault, or MLB’s fault, that that thing is going on in Arizona. I personally think it’s not fair. You can’t really be that hard on [immigrants], so hopefully that thing goes away and everything goes back to normal.

Charming. And makes me glad I don’t have any Ortiz gear in my (rather considerable) collection.