Bob Dylan’s Grandson Is A Rapper, And He Sounds Like Drake

Actually, with couplets that tack on an extra syllable past the rhyme, like “I’m the grandson of a man nothing less than legendary / That’s a lot of pressure so I Berry Gordy,” he’s kind of got a Parks and Recreation Jean-Ralphio thing going on, right?

In any case, laying down standard hip-hop braggadocio like, “I am very Motown / Bitch, I’mma get that crown / While I’m at it I might reinvent sound,” is always sort of dangerous when you’re 15, and doubly so when your grandfather is Bob Dylan. Jakob Dylan, at least, always seemed to know that he was middling and to be comfortable with that, though “It’s where I’m from that lets them think I’m a whore / I’m an educated virgin” is a pretty great winsome line that acknowledges his background:

But seriously, couldn’t one of these dudes be, like, a pioneering heart surgeon or NASA astronaunt or something? I feel like it would make family holidays a lot less awkward if there were fewer, “Grandpa, what did you think of my mixtape” conversations.