Weekend Warriors

As I am an enormous geek, I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about Knights of Badassdom:

First, there’s the cast. I may be sore vexed with True Blood this season, but Ryan Kwanten is a funny dude who deserves to do more than play a slow Southern stud. I’ve always believed that someday, Jimmi Simpson’s going to break out and I’ll be able to say I told you all back in the day. I’m glad to see Peter Dinklage is getting to put his training as Tyrion Lannister to dual use. Ditto with Danny Pudi and Abed. Steve Zahn is just plain wonderful. Add in Sommer Glau and it’s pretty hard to believe this isn’t some dorky fan video that someone cut together.

But it’s not. Instead, it’s part of a growing canon of movies and television shows, from Big Fan to My Boys to The League to The Guild based on the idea that people form communities less around who they are, or how they worship, or where they work, but what they like. Ultimately, I think this will become fairly routine, and groups of characters who are united by common interests will end up being presented like they’re any other group of folks who hang out at Central Perk or wherever. But we’re still getting used to the idea that cosplay, or video games, or fantasy sports (sports fandom has always been the most accepted form of American fandom, so it’s kind of exempt) can be the basis for durable friendships and friend groups. Movies like this reflect the experiences of those of us who form friendships based on what we love — and translate those experiences for folks who are still getting used to the idea.