The Corporate Definition Of Geekdom

I was flipping through Amazon’s gift guides, and it turns out they have a Geek category of suggestions for what to get your friendly neighborhood enthusiast. The subcategories include:

-Cult Movies on DVD (a little Doctor Who and Star Wars heavy, and I have mixed feelings about seeing rape revenge flick I Spit On Your Grave here, but I appreciate the inclusion of the Man With No Name trilogy)
-Robotic Vacuums
-Digital SLRs
-High-end Espresso Machines
-Freestanding Beverage Chillers
-Upper-body Coverage
-Video Games
-Macintosh Software
-Gags and Practical Jokes
-Cocktail Shakers
-Caffeinated Energy Drinks
-Table Tennis
-Air Hockey
-Manga (someone more versed than me in both this genre and Anime would have to assess the lists)
-Blu-ray Disc Players

I’m surprised there isn’t a comics category. But otherwise, this is kind of a perfect distillation of how corporate America sees the range of geekdom. No matter how much Amazon may claim “Gone are the days of floods and pocket protectors. High-tech brainiacs now rule the world,” there’s still that suspicion that geeks are the kind of people who don’t want to work out with their shirts off.