Chloe Moretz Continues Her Action Star Training In New Best Coast Video

I have some ambivalence about watching privileged white kids play at being gang members, and Best Coast is way to tween for me, but I love me some Chloe Moretz who is (along with Abigail Breslin) my favorite young teenage actress working today, so I kind of dig this video Drew Barrymore directed for “Our Deal”:

There’s something nice about the acknowledgment that girls can commit physical as well as emotional violence, too, that they’re actors, not just acted upon. Moretz has carved out a real little niche in Kick-Ass and Let Me In as an actress who can do very bad things while remaining sympathetic. I’ll be curious to see if she develops into that rarest of all female action stars, as commenters suggested in our conversation last week, one who can not only dish it out but take it.