In the Recommendations for Alyssa Google Doc (which seriously is so much fun, and I’m percolating a bunch of post ideas in there already, so stop by!), someone asked if we could have a regular open discussion thread. I’ve always meant for this post to serve that function: no matter what I toss in here as grist for the mill, feel free to talk about whatever, leave questions or requests, and I’ll try to make sure I spend at least some time hanging out here during most lunch times.

-This sounds like a great, non-boring journalism movie.

-NPR reveals its reader-selected list of the top 100 science fiction and fantasy books.

-Woo cultural diplomacy!

Battleship wants you to know that it’s thought out the concepts involved really seriously!

-A Coriolanus adaptation seems oddly appropriate for a moment of recession and poisonous populist tensions. Also, Jessica Chastain!