Pop Culture Winners and Losers of Tonight GOP Debate


-Donna Summer: In the single best moment of the debate, Herman Cain cribs from the disco diva’s “The Power of One,” previously best known for its association with Pokemon cartoons, in his closing statement:

Runner up is Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, who had his admonition that “with great power comes great responsibility” repurposed by Tim Pawlenty, who given his filleting by Michele Bachmann, might have been better to opt for his own disco anthem and declare “I Will Survive.”


-Mickey Mouse, now firmly associated with Newt Gingrich, things people want other people to think are silly and unsubstantive.

-Supervillains. Herman Cain shot down the idea of an alligator-filled moat as a means of border protection, disappointing those of us who basically want to live in an America that is the equivalent of Doctor Doom’s Latvernian castle.

A note, because of debate coverage, some recaps may be a bit slow tomorrow.