Gaming The Iranian Revolution

Perhaps this is just a game design thing, but I’m intrigued that a new game about the Iranian Revolution starts you out as a diplomatic translator coming into the country with Americans, an invading Iraqi army, or the Taliban, and later as a student protester who is opposed to the Islamic elements of the revolution, rather than letting you play as an Islamic revolutionary. I understand there’s a lot more game play you can get out trying to free American hostages than than you can out of defending an embassy. And that decision makes sense given that the man behind 1979, Navid Khonsari (a Grand Theft Auto director) and his family fled Iran for Canada. But I do think it’s interesting that we’re at a point where it’s more acceptable to have a character team up with Saddam Hussein’s troops than it is to have a character who fights on behalf of the Ayatollahs. Geopolitics are funny. And as a side note, I’d love a narrative game based on Persepolis where you have to figure out how much lipstick you can wear before the Guardians crack down on you.