Lady Gaga Goes Middle American—In Android Wear and Drag

The video for “You and I” is far from Lady Gaga’s most original, and it’s interesting that she made the video with the so-called “Country Road” version of the song. This being Gaga, she’s in drag as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone (which I’d actually like to see more of), people are keeping mermaids out in the barn, and androids are meandering down the backroads:

I actually kind of dig that last bit of it. In a weird—but good—way, it reminds me of the car chase scene that introduced us to what a punk James T. Kirk was as a kid in J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie:

I think we often assume that the future’s going to look totally different than it is today, when actually a lot of it might look the same, but with tweaks. We’ll still have corn fields, it’ll just be robot cops who police them—and android hitchhikers who meander down them.

Or it could just be a riff on Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Farmville:

Either way, she seems pretty determined to conquer the heartland.