Sarah Silverman Shops A New Show Based on Her Breakup With Jimmy Kimmel

I’m not particularly fond of The Sarah Silverman Program, because I’m not incredibly compelled or amused by the character’s aggressive ignorance and lack of sense of appropriateness, which feel much like artifice than an effort to reach something genuine. Saying something ridiculous and offensive that no one would ever say is funny in a limited way—saying something ridiculous and offensive that many of us think or feel but almost no one would dare vocalize or admit to thinking is both funny and scathing. But I’m more intrigued by the show she’s apparently trying to sell right now, a thinly-veiled riff on her life after her breakup with Jimmy Kimmel. I’ve really loved Silverman in smaller roles, like that of amoral news producer Alexi Darling in the movie adaptation of Rent:

Or as Mike White’s abrasive girlfriend in School of Rock:

Rather than offering herself, or a persona, up for judgement, both of these characters judged and categorized other people in ways that were sometimes grievously wrong. I’d be curious to see her do something less artificial than The Sarah Silverman Program, where she’s actually self-aware, and sympathetic despite her flaws because of it. I don’t think she’s as lacerating as Louis C.K., and given that this will be on NBC rather than cable station, I imagine the subject material will be somewhat toned-down. But I give Silverman credit for being less afraid to beat up on herself or be ridiculous than say, her network-mate Whitney Cummings seems to be: