The Decemberists’ War Games

The Decemberists have achieved geekvana with their latest video, a recreation of a scene from Infinite Jest:

It’s odd to see Colin Meloy and company old enough to credibly be the middle-aged parents on the sidelines at a school event, when just five years ago the members of the band were young enough to play high school kids at the bleeding edge of that range where people in their 20s are allowed to play high school students in exchange for our willingness to pretend it’s not ridiculous. I think I might like the video for “Sixteen Military Wives” a bit more, if only because I’m susceptible to Rushmore allusions, and because there’s something useful in the pointedness of the blame the song assigns, even if it is a little heavy-handed:

Certainly, its humor is more direct that the Vogue-photoshoot mock-battle the band staged earlier in the year with the video for “This Is Why We Fight,” which, unusually for the Decemberists, cut away from the bloodshed:

But then, the band’s always been more direct about intimate violence than geopolitical conflict: