Get Psyched for the Next Season of ‘Sherlock’

It’s not nearly enough to tide me over, but oh I am so glad that BBC taped more episodes of Sherlock before shooting started on The Hobbit:

One of the things I liked most about the remake, and I liked many things about it, was the way the show broached the Bert and Ernie problem, frequently having people assume that two grown men living together must be a gay couple, but insisting that the characters aren’t gay and that the intimacy of their friendship is unaffected by those assumptions. One of the things that I think has worked quite well about the update is the changes to the characters’ psyches and how those play off each other, with Watson experiencing trauma from his war wound instead of just bucking up and being cheerful, and Holmes having enough psychological knowledge in his background to solve a problem when he recognizes it by getting Watson out and about, even if he’s insensitive in situations that don’t require him to figure out the answer to a question.