Using Pop Culture Power For Good

Four fab anti-racists.

It’s always nice to see powerful pop culture figures use their drawing power for good, so I get a kick out of the fact that the Beatles apparently included routine desegregation clauses in their concert contracts. Something like this could actually be a good way to force conventions to start adopting good sexual harassment policies. If Hall H participants, for example, said they wouldn’t agree to screen movies unless San Diego Comic Con got it together to create and enforce a sexual harassment policy, I imagine that would come together fairly quickly. Similarly, if a critical mass of much sought-after panelists set the same condition — and it would have to be a really large group of people, composed of both men and woman — they could probably make quality sexual harassment policies an industry standard fairly quickly. The key is just getting momentum going, maybe with the enlistment of a big name in nerddom like Joss Whedon.