Rick Perry, Pop Culture Critic

Daily Intel, reading through Rick Perry’s 2008 book on the Boy Scouts, finds the governor of Texas trying to hone in on my job and do politicized culture criticism. He wrote, apparently, “Even a casual listener of the Dave Matthews Band or The Police must nod his/her head in ascent [sic] at the notion that we are all like ‘ants marching’ or ‘packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, contestants in a suicidal race.’ Life should be simpler, slower. We should have more meals with our family, with the television turned off and conversation turned on.” I guess you don’t have to be the kind of teenaged rebel who really hated eating dinner with your parents, or your parents, period, to end up the kind of guy who sits in with ZZ Top. And Dave Matthews and The Police are about as reformist and unrevolutionary as rock can get, the kind of thing where you smoke a little weed, brag about your sex life, and go back to enjoying being rich and influential. They’re an escape valve, not an organizing tool, even if Matthews is a big Obama fan.