Kat Dennings Is a Goddess. So Stop Trolling.

We are one episode into 2 Broke Girls and already people are calling for Kat Dennings to lose 10 pounds. I wish I could be more articulate about this, but it’s hard for me to express how enraged and sad this makes me, even if the only people expressing this sentiment are Internet trolls. Even though I have some reservations about the 2 Broke Girls pilot, Dennings’ performance is one of the most precise and fully realized in any of the new fall TV shows, and she has sexual charisma to burn. It just destroys me that we cannot have one single woman who represents a marginally different kind of beauty in mainstream popular culture without people coming out of the woodwork to demand she fall in line with their particular preferences.

Nobody would be harmed by a world where not every single woman in entertainment and public life is sculpted to meet a narrow standard of beauty that has nothing to do with what most people find desirable in real life. Enormous numbers of people are harmed by narrow-minded, vicious little standards of sexual appeal that say if you don’t fit into a sample size, you can’t be gorgeous, and that if you desire people who aren’t a sample size, your desires are illegitimate. Kat Dennings is a goddess. If you don’t like her, you have many, many other options. Scuttle off and enjoy them and let the rest of us appreciate the awesomeness that is her, and Amber Tamblyn, and to mourn the fact that this is about as good as it gets in terms of body size diversity. I never understand what drives people to say hateful things like this on the Internet. Even less so in cases like this where the ugly opinions people are propagating have basically won.