Girls, Boys, And The Big ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Reveal

Tim Carmody asked for a feminist interpretation of this video running around the internet in which a four-year-old reaches the climactic scene of The Empire Strikes Back, the attention to which has focused on the slack-jawed little boy rather than his slightly older sister:

I sort of appreciate that his sister, even if she’s seen this before, smiles when she gets the news. There is something pretty satisfying satisfying about the reveal. Luke is pretty much impossible in Empire Strikes Back, being stupid about riding late, ditching the Rebels pretty much sans explanation (I bet Mon Mothma was most seriously displeased), underestimating Yoda, and ditching his training. Finding out Vader’s his father isn’t just a validation of Yoda’s teaching, etc. It feels kind of like the just reward for being semi-bratty. Of course, the whole getting-your-hand-chopped-off thing is a little much, and serves us to remind us that Vader is not exactly good parent material. That Luke and Leia ended up being reasonably decent people is testament to Obi-Wan’s skills as an adoption agent.