Meet Your Guest-Bloggers

I promised you an all-star team, and here they are!

Jess Zimmerman, author of last week’s awesome Doctor Who post, an editor at, and contributor to

Tyler Lewis, a Washington, DC-based writer who has written for PopMatters, an international pop culture online magazine, and blogs at …on whatever crosses my mind.

Kate Cox writes about games, gaming, and gamer culture at Her background is in film studies and in being a geek-at-large. A gamer since 1986 and a blogger since 2010, she now lives in the DC area with her husband and their cat, Guybrush.

Kay Steiger is the online managing editor at Washingtonian magazine. She’s written for a bunch of places, like Jezebel, The Atlantic, AlterNet, The American Prospect, Campus Progress, and some others. She blogs pretty much daily here. And you should buy a book of essays called Triumph of The Walking Dead, which features her work and will be out in November.

Various and sundry other ThinkProgress staffers will also be helping out. It goes without saying, but be especially nice to these people who are helping me keep you entertained while I’m running around conference centers in Washington and New York! I’ll still be answering emails and tweets and things, so contact away if you need anything.