Warren Buffet Has A Children’s Television Webseries And It Is Awesomely Dorky

It’s got to be good to be Warren Buffett these days. HBO makes a documentary that depicts you saving the American economy while you’re at a Dairy Queen with your grandchildren. You get to look all magnanimous and cool in comparison to your fellow billionaires when you offer to pay more taxes. And apparently, you also get to have a children’s webseries called Secret Millionaires Club.

The show is kind of dorky and hilarious, and if Buffett wasn’t America’s Rich Grandpa, the show’s theme song, where the cast of adorable multi-racial moppets declare, “I’m good friends with Warren Buffett,” and the whole concept of them hanging out in a secret clubhouse in Buffett’s office would probably come across as pretty strange. But it respects kids’ intelligence, and in a moment when financial stresses increasingly are things that parents can’t keep quarantined for their children, finding a way to explain things like why it makes sense to wait to buy a new Wii, or why it’s so hard to get a business off the ground, is not the world’s worst idea.

In a way, I wish the show were even stranger and more narrative. We already have a Health Care Inequity Ghost, so maybe Buffett could use his considerable riches to reboot Ghostwriter and play a ghost who helps Gabby and Alex figure out what it actually means to keep a bodega afloat; Lenni what it means to survive in a creative economy; and Jamal what happens when the Post Office contracts and Grandma Jenkins gets laid off.