The Year of the Woman on TV — And In Politics

We’ve got no fewer than four women running for public office at all levels of government on network television this year — Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Britney S. Pierce and Sue Sylvester on Glee, and Claire Dunphy on Modern Family — and two shows where women are at the core of big policy discussions — Carrie on Homeland and Anna on A Gifted Man. The awesome Chloe Angyal and I got together to discuss them all on this week’s Bloggingheads:

One thing we discussed that I think is interesting about Homeland is that by putting a woman in the role of violating other people’s civil liberties and by going to far in the war on terror, the show establishes an interesting cross-gender complicity. It isn’t just men who did this, it isn’t just the military. It’s all of us. Carrie may be feminine and fragile (and she has the best wardrobe of a CIA agent I have ever seen, I would die for her closet), but she’s entirely capable of bugging a man’s house and watching him sleep with his wife.