‘Job Creators,’ A Poem About Income Inequality By Rep. Gwen Moore

Editor’s Note: We at ThinkProgress are supportive of efforts to use the arts to explain policy, and welcome Gwen Moore’s experiment in this space. Also, someone should auto-tune this.

As income disparity continues to climb, Thinkprogress ventured to Capitol Hill to find

A voice for the middle class and poor, and we happened upon Wisconsin’s Rep. Gwen Moore (D).

Noting how inequality holds the economy back, Moore spoke up against the “class warfare” attack.

If the GOP wants to take every nickel and dime, from the struggling 99

Moore thought she’d call out their crime by offering up her take in rhyme.

With our apologies for terrible poetry, here is the much better “Job Creators: A Poem” by Rep. Gwen Moore:

— with Karl Singer