Hollywood’s Next Generation: Still Pretty White, And More Than Half Male

The Hollywood Reporter released its list of 35 rising stars in Hollywood’s next generation last night, and it turns out that the new Hollywood doesn’t look hugely better than the old Hollywood. Just five of the agents, actors, writers, and other Hollywood figures on the list are people of color. Sixteen of the 35 are women, a number that’s skewed slightly higher because THR named more actresses to the list than actors, so the underrepresentation in other categories is correspondingly stark. These numbers aren’t impossibly off the actual population marks, but they are still low. And if the goal here is to produce a vision of Hollywood’s future, they’re sort of depressing. We’re going to be a majority-minority country in 2050. Making an effort to be appropriately representative based not on current industry employment levels, but on what the country actually looks like and will look like could be helpful, both in terms of setting some standards for Hollywood to meet as opposed to collapsing in despair, and in giving some folks who might be overlooked because they’re not white and male a moment in the spotlight and a credential they can present later.