Pixar’s First Heroine Is Arya Stark

I am obviously favorably disposed towards Brave, since it’s beyond time Pixar had a female main character, but I’m extra-pleased that it seems like Merida is going to be a bit like Arya Stark, minus the horrible brutality and plus a giant bear:

That said, I’ve got a few concerns. The flashing-someone-via-kilt and people running into things gags have a bit of an unfortunate Dreamworks vibe rather than Pixar’s emotional sophistication. And hopefully we won’t get too much goofy and historically dubious riffs on the Scottish. But I’m encouraged by the idea of a price to be paid, of something mysterious in the woods beyond just a bear. It’s going to be years before we find out what happens to Arya, but in the meantime, I’m excited to see what kind of life Merida can build for herself outside of the structures of noble womanhood.