Mindy Kaling Gets The Actresses And Food Treatment

Normally, profiles of women in Hollywood have at least one anecdote about what they eat (remarks about clothes and jewelry are the substitute for women in Washington) to suggest that said actresses are normal people and to obscure the fact that it takes an enormous amount of self-denial and expensive training to actually meet the industry’s standards for body size. But Vanity Fair is breaking all the rules! Instead of using Mindy Kaling’s order at a restaurant to show she’s a normal person taking advantage of someone else’s expense account by ordering goodies, they’re using it to raise their eyebrows at her lack of fealty to an absurd dieting regimen:

“I’m ready, actually,” she replied enthusiastically, ordering fruit salad, followed by day-boat sea scallops in creamy corn grits with bacon-braised greens, a poached egg on top, and toasted rye on the side. She devoured the second course happily and requested jam to go with the toast.

“Not too careful with the calories, Mindy?” I ventured.

“Are you kidding? I love reading about diets. But I can’t implement them. That’s my problem.”…

“I just want to let you know about the dessert,” our waiter said tactfully.

She chose the profiteroles with chocolate sauce and melted ice cream.

The jam! The humanity! It would be really delightful if someone would actually find a different way to do a celebrity profile. But even if you’re doing a puff piece, this is an even more direct and pathetic reinforcement of stupid norms than usual, skipping the bit where they pretend it would be great if people didn’t have to starve themselves.