Chairman Dodd And Me

I know some folks couldn’t tune in to yesterday’s event, so here’s me and Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Chris Dodd talkin’ copyright, thanks to our wonderful CAP video guru Andrew Satter:

I tried to draw from a lot of different tranches of issues here, and thanks to many of you for your help. Because of some timing issues, I had a bit less time than I expected — Q&A starts around the 25 minute mark. But I hope it will be rewarding to those of you interested in everything from the relationship of independent producers and the MPAA to whether we should rule out the uses of certain technologies like circumvention of IP and DNS blocking to preserve America’s moral example in the world. There’s a lot to talk about, not just this week, and not just on this legislation. And I appreciated the chance to get some initial questions in as Dodd begins his tenure at the MPAA.