Supporting ‘All-American Muslim’ Advertisers

The Florida Family Association has managed to do a lot of damage with its All-American Muslim boycott over the last week and a half, whether by convincing companies like Lowe’s and Kayak to absolutely humiliate themselves, or by stirring up anti-Muslim sentiment against the cast of a touching and totally uncontroversial reality show. But fortunately one thing sanctimonious moralizers do well is make lists, and they’ve kept track of advertisers who stuck to their guns and either continued to advertise on the show after the FFA started its campaign.

So if you’re withdrawing your business from Lowe’s and Kayak and, during the holiday season, looking for new places to spend some money, you can use their list against them. Those advertisers include:

— Big Lots
— Conagra’s Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes
— Discover Card
— Disney for The Muppets
— GeicoHonda North America, for the Accord and Odyssey
— HTC Phones
— Mucinex
— Delsym
— Resolve Clean
— Drano
— Glade
— Scrubbing Bubbles
— Kay Jewelers

That’s not to say that any of these companies are saints, but sometimes doing business can also be doing a decent thing. Next time I pick up some cleaning products, at least, I’ll stick with these brand names. And if I have a secret admirer out there contemplating holiday jewelry, you know where to look.


Today, a coalition of Christian, Muslim, and civil rights groups are organizing a rally at Lowe’s in Michigan. “About 100 people are at a Michigan Lowe’s store” to protest the home improvement chain’s decision to pull ads from All-American Muslim.

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Last night, Keith Olbermann again awarded Robert Niblock, the CEO of Lowe’s, the honor of “worst person in the world.” “Don’t buy anything at Lowe’s!” Olbermann said.

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