Movie Karaoke, From ‘Sucker Punch’ To Salander

I really hope all of the people who complained vociferously about Emily Browning’s cover of “Sweet Dreams” in Sucker-Punch are happy now, because this one is so much worse:

There is no way the ancient Greeks were this freakin’ tacky.

And I know I’m a total apologist for this movie, but really, Browning’s cover:

Is to Sucker-Punch what Carey Mulligan’s “New York, New York” cover is to Shame: self-indulgent, manipulative, and affecting anyway:

None of them, of course, add up to anything like Karen O and Trent Reznor’s “Immigrant Song,” cover, though I kind of wish they’d found a way to set it up so that’s what Lisbeth Salander does at karaoke or something: