Louis C.K. Comes To Washington — As A Dinner Speaker

Business Insider has pretty much the best headline announcing this news: “Some People Who Don’t Know Louis CK’s Material Very Well Just Booked Him for the Congressional Correspondents Dinner.” I like C.K. in part because his jokes are psychological, and often oriented towards making people recognize their common experiences and values. But it’s true that they aren’t the kind of zippy political one-liners that someone like Stephen Colbert can toss off all day. So here are five things that C.K. should do when he comes to Washington:

1. Get at the audience’s failure to ask the important questions of the day, like whether Donald Rumsfeld is a lizard from outer space who eats human flesh:

2. Washington is ridiculously full of powerful white people. Remind them how awesome their lives are — and that they aren’t necessarily responsible for that awesomeness:

3. Point out a fundamental an uncomfortable truth: no matter how tough reporters are, and no matter what their political leanings are, people get star-struck by proximity to the president (starts at 3:15):

4. If you take one policy position, go hard on evolution and its deniers. Please:

5. Remember: your Sarah Palin jokes are not your funniest (or best) work of the past couple of years: