The Future Is Corporate

One thing I’ve always liked about the Alien franchise is that it’s part of that subgenre of science fiction that’s concerned with the rise of corporate power. The Mars novels may be my favorite example of this, but work in the space tends to assume that the future might not be so shiny and happy after all, and plots get kicked off not when utopia is shattered, but when something threatens to upend what fragile balance we’ve achieved. So I’m pretty curious to see if the research team in Prometheus, for which we finally, oh joy, have a trailer, turn out to be independent or corporate-funded. Skewing results for the sake of pleasing your backers could make for some really nice tension.


Friend of the blog Paul Reda say the team is working for our old corporate pals from the earlier movies. In which case I already want a movie that’s about what Weyland-Yutani executives knew and when they knew it, and why they kept sending teams out to be eaten by space-monsters. It’s like a John Gisham novel for our grim corporate future!

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