‘Raising Hope’ to Air Occupy Episode

At the Fox comedy panel this afternoon, I asked executive producer Greg Garcia how the intensifying national conversation about inequality has affected the perception of the show, or the writers’ room. He told me that “I don’t think too much about it. These are the characters I chose to write. But I don’t know. I tend to write these kinds of characters because I root for them, but certainly, we’re having tough economic times. I don’t know if people want to see that on TV or if they want to be distracted. But we’re doing an Occupy Natesville episode that we’re shooting soon that I hope will be still timely.” That’s pretty exciting, and something I expect will be a trend, though it’ll be interesting to see if the encampments come back in the spring and where the movement evolves to. Plus come on, don’t you want to see Burt and Virginia wandering around a tent city? Maybe near the grocery store?