Steve Levitan Dares Homophobes To Watch ‘Modern Family’

At yesterday’s session with the showrunners for ABC’s comedies, Steve Levitan said that while the network mostly shields him from people who have moral objections to his portrayal of a gay family as normal and well-adjusted, he’s got an answer for those who reach him directly:

I get shielded from most of the nutjobs. Occasionally something will leak through on Twitter or something. But it’s so rare. One of the biggest surprises of our show is that America or the world really has embraced Mitchell and Cam. We’re in 200 markets around the world, including, by the way, Vatican City, and they’ve embraced Mitchell and Cam. I think that’s interesting. It’s easy for people to object to something in the abstract. But when you make it personal and show that these people have good hearts and are loving, committed parents, it’s hard not to love them. So I say to the hard right, watch the show and see if you have it in your heart to love Cam and Mitch.

This, of course, goes straight to the motivation behind keeping things like gay families off the air. The lies people tell about gay people and their relationship, gay people and their ability to raise children, can only persist in the absence of contact with healthy gay couples or images of them.