On The CW, Paul Fisher Will Reform Modeling Or Die Trying!

After a lot of seriousness over the past few days, there was something amusingly wacky about the presentation by Paul Fisher, the model scout who is revamping his network on the CW’s new reality show Remodeled. Even in Hollywood, the man has a world-class ego. Particularly when he started talking about how he’s going to put together a mental health program for women in the industry because “There are 7 million kids around the world who are sticking fingers down their throats…Our industry must take responsibility for the images they’re putting out,” while promoting his show with footage that shows him mercilessly dissecting candidate’s looks. Me being me, I had to ask about the contradiction.

He told me that the best way to fix the problem was “Step one is get in the game. Step two is when you have the muscle,” and said that “One of my dreams, ma’am, is to be able to sit front row at the Calvin Klein show, that Versace show, and not see those size zero, size two models walking down the runway…I promise you everything in my power and my ability, I’m going to try to never see a girl with a size zero or a size one walking down the runway again.” And he suggested he’d die trying to change the industry.

Perhaps I should be less skeptical. But this is coming from a man who talked about how virtuous modeling is because of the charity work models with big deals do, and linked the expansion of his empire to changes he swore would be inevitable in the industry as he gained power. There is something good though about the idea that the culture’s bent enough that charity for the rich is compulsory, and that it’s cooler to argue that models should be healthy and representative as possible instead of embracing heroin chic. That said, I will be sure to poke Mr. Fisher to see if he’s keeping his promise. If he’s going to offer me the moon, I might as well keep after him to deliver it.