Five Great Progressive Movies for Valentine’s Day

If you’re running late on your Valentine’s Day planning, never fear! ThinkProgress is here to help! Here are five great movies about progressivism and romance, so no matter if you’re looking for someone new, just started seeing someone, or celebrating a long-term love, you’re covered—even if you don’t have time to get your hands on a disc on the way home.

If you like progressive history: Catch The Loving Story on HBO at 9PM EST tonight. The movie’s both a good recapitulation of the court case that bears the family’s name, and that made interracial relationships in America legal, a Valentine’s Day-worthy story if there ever was one. But it’s also a terrific portrait of the Lovings themselves, bolstered by archival footage of them and their lawyers. Sometimes, we need a reminder that without fiercely dedicated individuals facing up to illogic and inequality, history doesn’t move forward.

If you’re headed out to work on a campaign this cycle: Watch Definitely, Maybe, the rare multi-purpose romantic comedy that works both if you’re trying to keep a long-distance relationship going on the trail, or hoping to meet the person you’re destined to be with! Also if you have an adorable child who’s kind of like Abigail Breslin! But seriously, this is a deeply charming movie that’s rooted in the substance of campaign work. And it offers a nice rebuke to the romantic comedy ideal that there’s only one person that you’re meant to be with if only fate will cooperate—instead, Definitely, Maybe argues that you’ve got to do work to make it work.

If you’ve just started dating someone: Okay, so the movie may be weirdly romantic and optimistic about the role of lobbying in the policy-making process. But The American President is a pretty great movie about the early stages of seeing someone, whether it’s dinner invitations or picking out the right flowers to send your sweetie. Plus, you want to make a big gesture to a policy nerd? This is your template.

You need a reminder that political integrity is sexy: Dick is wildly underrated as a political movie. But it’s also a worthwhile reminder that a) even if you think the President is dreamy, you should weigh in his corruption and meanness to his dog when deciding that you have a crush on him, b) you should never commit your confessions of love to the tape recorder in Rose Mary Woods’ desk.

You’re looking for affirmation that love conquers all—even small towns: Issue movies are fantastic. But sometimes—and Valentine’s Day is such a occasion—there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little uplift. In that case, turn to Big Eden, which is all about what happens when you return to your hometown, work out your issues with your old crush, and find new love in a place you least expected it—and the romances just happen to be gay and interracial.