‘The Colbert Report’s Suspension and the Contraception Debate

I’m sorry to hear that production on The Colbert Report is suspended for two days. As some other folks have pointed out, an unexpected hiatus generally means that something bad has happened in a show’s family, so the Colbert team is in my thoughts. And given our continuing conversation about the Obama administration’s contraception rules, I’m particularly sorry to have Colbert out of action right now. Having someone who is seriously, thoughtfully Catholic—Colbert’s taught Sunday school, if you need proof—break down the issue with humor doesn’t just mean Colbert has credibility on the church’s issues and dogmas. It means he can find jokes in the weeds that other people wouldn’t even know are there for the taking:

I’d have loved to see him take on House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa’s decision this morning to exclude women from testifying at a hearing on contraception coverage.


The Wall Street Journal reports that the suspension is due to an emergency in the Colbert family. My prayers will be with them.

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