‘Avengers’ Assemble!

Guys, I know I am a huge dork, but the fact that The Avengers is going to be about organizational politics makes me very happy, even if it’s a movie where the equivalent of Jack Donaghy and the Six Sigmas appears to be Scarlett Johansson and sexiness (I love how she has a teensy, lady-like gun):

I’m joking, mostly. Because seriously, this looks pretty fantastic. Making the Hulk look plausible at long last? Check. Providing a genuinely charismatic villain who poses a plausible threat that the heroes might not be able to fully defeat in a single movie*? Check. Giving us a sense of an ongoing invasion rather than a one-city mop-up operation that mysteriously makes the bad guys retreat? Check. I’m-so-excited-I’m-so-scared-level monster things? CHECK.

*And given that this is, after all, a Joss Whedon movie, the possibility that it’ll end in genuine pathos and a compromised victory seems high.