Your First Look at Archie Comics’ ‘Occupy Riverdale’ Issue

The good people at Archie Comics were kind enough to let me give y’all a first look at the cover for Archie 635, in which the Occupy movement comes to Riverdale. The issue’s being written by Alex Segura and drawn by Gisele Lagace. And it looks pretty great:

Archie’s done a pretty flawless job of updating their brand in recent years, whether through the introduction of gay character Kevin Keller, something they’ve done while never getting baited by the response from homophobes, or the Archie Gets Married storyline, which finally let the characters grow up. Segura came to Archie from DC Comics, a move that gave the brand a greater connection to where the rest of the comics industry was at. And this Occupy issue is, I think, a smart, news-relevant move that also works well with the core Archie mythology. Archie’s struggle to choose between Betty and Veronica has always been a conversation about being happy in the middle class or deciding to make the bid for the big time, even if the people you know there are irritable and self-absorbed.