Kristen Wiig Should Leave ‘Saturday Night Live’

Rumors are afoot—though they’ve been quickly denied—that Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg are all leaving Saturday Night Live. Whether it’s true or not, I kind of hope Wiig bounces, not because I care whether the show needs new blood, but because I want to see her go on to do great things as a headliner. I thought she was smart to say she wouldn’t do a Bridesmaids sequel, given how Hollywood gets obsessed with overextending female-led franchises rather than taking successful movies as evidence that the should develop more original ideas starring women. I’d much rather see her go out there and prove that a bunch of different stories about women can be successful than continue to watch her develop franchise characters on SNL. Television had its lady comedy boom. Movies could use her help.