How Religion Explains This Season of ‘Game of Thrones’

Going into this season of Game of Thrones, I wrote a bit about how one of the challenges the characters face is how to govern by realpolitik in a world where various deities are beginning to intervene more aggressively in human affairs than they have in centuries. So the religion nerd in my heart is gladdened by this video in which George R.R. Martin and company discuss the religions at play in the series, and provide valuable context for some of the events we’re seeing:



One of the things I think the series has done nicely this year is show us the role of women religious in the wider world of Westeros, whether they’re treating the wounded on the battlefield or delivering Ned Stark’s bones to Catelyn as a gesture of respect and care. But I think there are times when a sense of religious awe’s been lost as the show has moved away from point of view perspectives on the events. Melisandre’s monstrous birth this week was one of the few moments the series has that’s conveyed a real sense of wonder and terror. And I’m excited to see more of that as the show progresses.