Jay-Z For Marriage Equality

I agree with Tyler Lewis that what’s most striking about Jay-Z’s endorsement of marriage equality in the wake of Obama’s public statement of support is his nonchalance:

Even more than stirring appeals to the legacy of civil rights, I think this tone, these suggestions that marriage equality is just logical is useful. The Proposition 8 trial was a valuable small-scale expose of the contortions foes of marriage equality put themselves through to try to come up with a scientific or sociological justification for their views. But if on a larger scale, people like Jay-Z can convey the impression that support for equality is a more natural default than support for discriminatory laws, it’ll be easier for people who don’t have deeply thought-out reasons to oppose marriage equality to simply side with the default. And the more folks like Obama and Jay-Z speak up, the greater lie they can give to the unfortunate and divisive perception that black Americans are uniquely homophobic. We need both to convince new allies, and to recognize the ones we may have unfairly dismissed.