The Upfronts: Race and Gender In Fall Television

This is the week when the television networks announce their fall lineups and try to persuade advertisers that they should spend bunches of money to sell products during their new shows. It’s also the time when those of us who care about the white dudely domination of Hollywood get to see how many—or how few—women and people of color will be creating and headlining new shows. Here are the basic numbers on who’s creating and starring in what you’ll see on your television this fall.

39: Number of new shows ordered by NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, and the CW.

12: Number of those 39 shows created by women.

2: Number of those 12 shows co-created by a man and a woman.

5*: Shows from creators of color, including Michael Cuesta on Elementary, Ajay Sahgal on Groupon comedy Friend Me, Mindy Kalin’s self-titled The Mindy Project, Alessandro Tanaka’s Animal Practice, and Toni Trucks’ Do No Harm.

3: Number of new shows with African-American leads, Andre Braugher in Last Resort, Meagan Good in Infamous, and Jessica Lucas in Cult.

2: Number of new comedies with people of color as sole leads or parts of core ensembles—Anthony Anderson in Guys with Kids and Mindy Kaling in her sitcom (also per the Deadline item linked above).

*Calculated to the best of my ability given scanty availability of pictures of writers.