Me and Todd VanDerWerff on ‘Breaking Bad’ and a New TV Season, and My New Show On Bloggingheads

The kind folks at Bloggingheads were good enough to ask me to do a regular show over there, which means you’ll be getting a lot more culture alongside your politics. I’m lucky enough to have as my first guest the AV Club’s television editor and one of my absolute favorite writers on any facet of culture, Todd VanDerWerff:

There’s a lot in this conversation, including a discussion that I think is really important: which networks and services see themselves as in competition with each other. If HBO, Netflix and FX see themselves in competition with each other, it’ll have a dramatic impact on which movies and premium programming are available elsewhere. Networks like Showtime are in an interesting position here—if they’re not in direct competition with Netflix, there may be fewer pressures on them to invest in streaming products like Showtime Anytime, which it’s preparing to roll out more widely to customers of more cable providers, but it needs to not make the strategic mistake of restricting access to its content to the viewers who might need to sample it to get hooked and subscribe. This is really about the integration of two existing industries—movies and television. And the space for a more truly disruptive product, like Hulu, is wide open.

In any case, I hope you’ll swing by. And if you have requests for folks I should have on the show, holler. I’m excited to spend a lot more time talking to my critic friends, and not only at great length on Twitter.