From ‘Key & Peele,’ Obama’s Anger Translator Takes On Mitt Romney’s Finances

I have to admit that, in a week full of absolute ridiculousness in politics, I’m feeling refreshed by the return of my favorite political joke of the cycle, Key & Peele‘s skits about Luther, President Obama’s anger translator:

It’s wonderfully cathartic to hear Luther spit “I did not realize that was an option,” about Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns in contrast to the mountain of disclosure President Obama’s been required to do in response to deeply specious claims about his citizenship. I don’t want to see Obama lose his cool during the election, even as I’m angry at the double standard that would condemn him as an angry black man. But Luther is my favorite fictional surrogate for the President, and Obama himself is a fan as well. That transmutation of the double standard into comedy gold is a powerful thing, claiming the limitations our politics put on Obama and turning them into a call for a more honest politics that also acknowledges the limitations of anger.