This Will Be the Final Season of ‘The Office’

This doesn’t seem like an enormous surprise after the departures of Steve Carrell, who played clueless manager Michael Scott, and Mindy Kaling, who left to start her own sitcom on Fox, but it’s finally been announced: this season of The Office will be its last. And per the folks at TV Line, Greg Daniels is promising that in the final season, we’ll figure out who was shooting the documentary. I hope it turns out to be that Russian film director who built an entire closed society in which to shoot his movie and who apparently isn’t even close to done because otherwise, whoever is stuck with nine years of tape about people selling paper in Scranton is probably going to have a lot of explaining to do to whoever backed his or her movie project.

In all seriousness, though, The Office is a cautionary tale about how to stretch a once highly-amusing concept threadbare and how to wear out its welcome. The economic burden the show has been bearing for NBC for years is enormous, and the creative and ultimately audience toll was obvious.