Amy Poehler Stands Up for Domestic Workers

I don’t normally pass along public service announcements, but I was really struck by this spot Amy Poehler cut for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which represents nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers, and aims to win them the recognition the same recognition available to employees who work outside household settings:

There’s something exceedingly refreshing about seeing the kind of woman who’s held up as a model mother state frankly and without pretense that there’s no way to work the way fully employed actresses do and also keep house to a high standard without paid help. And this ad, and the campaign it’s in support of, are a reminder of a bizarre double standard that treats work done in the home as if it’s not work at all, whether it’s performed by the women who occupy those homes, or the women who are paid for the duties they perform in the homes they visit.